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Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool System
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Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool System - view 52 Year Domestic use WarrantyFREE Brushcutter Kit - 2 Stroke oil, mix bottle, protector, gloves.

Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool System

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Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool System.

The Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Multi-Tool is powered by a 27cc Kawasaki engine. It includes 4 quality attachments - grass trimmer, brushcutter, pole pruner & long reach hedgecutter together with an extension shaft.

This petrol Multi-Tool comes complete with a nylon line tap 'n' go grass trimmer attachment for mowing and thinning. Also included is a robust guard for increased operator safety. Shaft length is 75cm. Also supplied is a heavy duty metal blade makes clearing larger areas of brambles, shrubs and saplings even easier.

The Cobra MT270K petrol Multi-Tool comes complete with a 72cm shaft and is fitted with a 30cm / 12" high quality chainsaw bar and chain. There are many reasons for pruning trees. Pruning will make trees safer, encourages further growth, increasing vigor and health and will make your garden even tidier.

For cutting and trimming hedges there is a fully adjustable hedgetrimmer with a 62cm / 24" double sided cutting blade with 30mm tooth spacing. Double sided blades are more suitable for shaping, as you can alter the direction of the cut without moving around as much and with extra versatility.


Cobra MT270K 5-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool System

Brand: Cobra
Engine: Kawasaki TJ27E 2-stroke
Displacement: 27cc
Rated Power Output: 0.77kW
Handle Type: Loop
Nylon Line Head: Dual nylon line tap 'n' go
Brush Cutter Blade: 3 tooth metal
Shaft Length: 75cm
HEDGE TRIMMER ATTACHMENT: -Blade Length: 62cm / 24"
Tooth Spacing: 30mm
Articulation: 180º
Shaft Length: 72cm
POLE PRUNER ATTACHMENT: Guide Bar Length: 30cm / 12"
Shaft Length: 72cm
EXTENSION SHAFT: Length: 750mm
Includes: Single harness

Warranty 2 Years

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